Tai & Sora’s Dynamic Hasn’t Changed (Yet)

As a Taiora fan, and as a Digimon fan in general, I’ve been faithfully watching each episode of the Digimon Adventure reboot and of course, I’ve been looking at the dynamics and interactions between the Chosen Children to see if their relationships are different from the original 1999 series.

So far, I see little that’s changed. Taichi and Yamato are still the dynamic duo of the team. Taichi and Koushiro have a very close relationship. Yamato is still the overprotective big brother to Takeru. Sora is still the Team Mom. Jyou is a worrywart, but can still be depended on to come through when needed.

All this means that Tai and Sora’s relationship is also much the same. They’ve known each other longer than any of the other kids and their closeness is very evident. Sora worries about him and when they’re reunited, he’s the first one she interacts with. Tai still trusts her with those close to him. They were also the first ones to be sent into the Digital World proper.

Once again, they have a very solid foundation to develop their relationship further into one that is romantic in nature later down the line. Whether or not that happens is still up in the air. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Attention Taiora Fans: Watch Digimon Adventure (2020) Episode 4

All I’ll say is that the newest episode of the Digimon reboot has Tai and Sora together in their first venture into the Digital World. You should watch it.

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Digimon Adventure Reboot

The new Digimon Adventure reboot.

This is more of a general update than anything Taiora related, but I figured I’d make a post anyway. As the title says, there will be a reboot of the original season of Digimon Adventure coming this year.

I will make no predictions about Taiora. All I can hope is that the character dynamics established in the original 1999 season aren’t changed too much. That way we get Taiora content even if it ultimately doesn’t become canon.

On the outside chance that Toei does something new with the pairings and Taiora actually does become canon or is even just implied to be canon, you can be sure that I will be on here to celebrate. However, I will not be making posts detailing every single thing that I consider to be “shippy” between Tai and Sora, if only to not get Taiora fans’ hopes up.

We’ll see where this goes. Hopefully, I’ll be updating this blog in the near future.

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Zero Two is Canon

A comment on the previous post said this, but I recently got confirmation of it from a friend. Zero Two is in fact canon and Tri is basically depicting the time between Zero Two and the epilogue. Sorato is canon and will remain canon. The only thing I can hope for is that there is an explanation for Sorato that makes sense so that I can at least be comfortable with it being official.

To be clear, I will always believe that Taiora is the better couple, but I can accept that canon says something different. Like I say on the about page, if you’re a true fan of something, you always support it and that’s how I am with Taiora.

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A Taichi/Sora/Yamato Love Triangle?

The first four episodes of Digimon Tri are out and I don’t know about you, but I can already see the makings of a love triangle between Taichi, Yamato and Sora. Warning: spoilers ahead.

In the first episode, Yamato asks Sora to come to the first gig of his new band Knife of Day. Taichi sees this (though he doesn’t know what’s happening) and seems to be surprised at the sight, as evidenced by his facial expression. The concert is that Sunday, coincidentally the same day of a big soccer game for Taichi’s team.

Taichi can’t get anyone to come because they’re all busy with other things, and the last person he asks is Sora. He texts her, asking if she’s planning on going to Yamato’s concert (since Yamato had asked him to come earlier that day). She asks why he’s asking, and he asks her if she could come to his soccer game.

Sora expresses frustration at Taichi for asking her on short notice because she was planning on going to Yamato’s concert and now she has to try and figure out how to go to both events at the same time and is mad at both boys for putting her in that predicament.

In the third episode, Mimi makes the observation that both Yamato and Taichi have grown into handsome young men and teasingly asks Sora which one she’ll choose. Sora of course reacts with embarrassment, but the exchange suggests that Mimi knows that Sora has an attraction to both boys.

To me, it all seems like a setup for a future love triangle. If that’s so, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. It also seems to me that Tri is retconning the ending of Zero Two since there is no mention or implication (yet) of Yamato and Sora dating. That means that we Taiora fans could get the canon ending we’ve longed for. We’ll see what the second part of Tri brings.

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Taiora Second Most Popular Digimon Adventure Saga Relationship

It is well known that after Takari, Taiora is the second most popular relationship in the Adventure continuum.  In fact, in the top 11, Sorato didn’t even rank.  The proof is in the pudding.  Just have a glance at this old poll result on Toei’s own website (link below).  Even pairings like Matt/Mimi ranked, but no Sorato.  It’s in Japanese, so use Google Translate.  Keep in mind, Sky means Sora.  Oh Toei, you fail so hard.


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Last Minute Petition For Taiora

We have nothing to lose… Petition Toei Animation for Taiora in Digimon Adventure Tri

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Zero Three Gets a New Protagonist?!

Who is this mysterious Digimon?  Who is it’s partner?  I hope the partner isn’t female…

At the moment all we really have on this Digimon’s human partner is rumor and speculation.  However its name appears to be… Hulkmon?  What is known is there is a Digimon known as Hackmon: click here.

That aside it looks like we will be seeing a lot of the original 8 Chosen Children.  As for Davis, Ken, Yolei, and Cody, we can only assume they will be present.  Unless they choose to retcon all of 02 (fingers crossed, right?).

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Joshua Seth Willing To Voice Tai Kamiya (for English dub) If Asked

Some interesting news (that is 8 months old) has come to my attention.  Famous voice actor Joshua Seth, has recently said he would come out of retirement to voice Tai for an English version of a hypothetical further Digimon Adventure show.  It almost makes me wonder if he knew something before we did.

Here is a link to a 2009 youtube video with an 8 month old comment from Joshua Seth himself.  He basically says he is game, but that the proper people would need to be petitioned for an English version of a future season.


Also, here is a link to another blog.  It is mostly filled with a pro Taiora crowd and has a lot of great comments on various issues.

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Taiora Fans are “All In” for Season 03

It has become apparent that the Taiora nation is now going for broke with Digimon Adventure 03.  All of our chips are on the table, to put it mildly.  It is true that those of us who have spent the past few years (if not a decade or more) flaming over and researching the validity of our ships are all to aware that Sorato has the advantage.  None the less that is not stopping some in the Digital community (both literal and figurative… see how that works here? :D) from showing their undying support for our favorite couple.  Here are some examples of posts written in response to a Crunchyroll article posted August 1st about the season 03 announcement:

“Tai you have been given another chance to win Sora back from Matt.  DO NOT WASTE IT!” ~ AceOfTokiwadai

This comment has received 94 likes so far.

“Hey, we get to see more Sora not being with Tai D:” ~ Rito2Ru

Our feelings precisely.


In a non-Taiora related comment Digifan01 had this to say, “PLEASE LET THIS BE THE DARK OCEAN SEASON!!!! ALSO ITS TIME FOR THE MEGAS!!!!!!!!!”  Personally I’d love to see the Dark Ocean and all the other Megas as well.

At this point all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that ‘ZERO THREE’ won’t be a total letdown.  It’s not like it can sink any lower than ‘ZERO TWO’, right?


Link to aforementioned webpage here.

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