Zero Three Gets a New Protagonist?!

Who is this mysterious Digimon?  Who is it’s partner?  I hope the partner isn’t female…

At the moment all we really have on this Digimon’s human partner is rumor and speculation.  However its name appears to be… Hulkmon?  What is known is there is a Digimon known as Hackmon: click here.

That aside it looks like we will be seeing a lot of the original 8 Chosen Children.  As for Davis, Ken, Yolei, and Cody, we can only assume they will be present.  Unless they choose to retcon all of 02 (fingers crossed, right?).

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Joshua Seth Willing To Voice Tai Kamiya (for English dub) If Asked

Some interesting news (that is 8 months old) has come to my attention.  Famous voice actor Joshua Seth, has recently said he would come out of retirement to voice Tai for an English version of a hypothetical further Digimon Adventure show.  It almost makes me wonder if he knew something before we did.

Here is a link to a 2009 youtube video with an 8 month old comment from Joshua Seth himself.  He basically says he is game, but that the proper people would need to be petitioned for an English version of a future season.


Also, here is a link to another blog.  It is mostly filled with a pro Taiora crowd and has a lot of great comments on various issues.

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Taiora Fans are “All In” for Season 03

It has become apparent that the Taiora nation is now going for broke with Digimon Adventure 03.  All of our chips are on the table, to put it mildly.  It is true that those of us who have spent the past few years (if not a decade or more) flaming over and researching the validity of our ships are all to aware that Sorato has the advantage.  None the less that is not stopping some in the Digital community (both literal and figurative… see how that works here? :D) from showing their undying support for our favorite couple.  Here are some examples of posts written in response to a Crunchyroll article posted August 1st about the season 03 announcement:

“Tai you have been given another chance to win Sora back from Matt.  DO NOT WASTE IT!” ~ AceOfTokiwadai

This comment has received 94 likes so far.

“Hey, we get to see more Sora not being with Tai D:” ~ Rito2Ru

Our feelings precisely.


In a non-Taiora related comment Digifan01 had this to say, “PLEASE LET THIS BE THE DARK OCEAN SEASON!!!! ALSO ITS TIME FOR THE MEGAS!!!!!!!!!”  Personally I’d love to see the Dark Ocean and all the other Megas as well.

At this point all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that ‘ZERO THREE’ won’t be a total letdown.  It’s not like it can sink any lower than ‘ZERO TWO’, right?


Link to aforementioned webpage here.

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Toei Intended Sorato, but Created Taiora

Yes, this article’s title says it all.  It’s true.  Let me explain. Sorato was planned, but Taiora developed by bad communication, and lack of completely centralized story ideas.  I have little time at the moment and my head is overwhelmed with the recent announcement regarding spring 2015.  I’m telling you this because I was going to give a lot of commentary on this subject, but it is better to just let you all read it and figure out the details for yourselves.


Voice actors on the subject:


Digimon Co-creator and Director of Season 01 and 02 (not the movies) Hiroyuki Kakudou:


Pay great attention to the details described in the article of the second link, it explains everything.  In short the director of the movies clearly saw (in season one) and wanted Taiora.  He was not told of the Sorato plan, nor were all of the writers for season 01.


They failed us big time… and now… I pray to the Harmonious Ones they don’t make it much worse.

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New Digimon Series

I know I haven’t written on this blog in a long time and I apologize for that. I learned about this a few days ago. There will be a new Digimon series covering the original digidestined in their high school years. I don’t know anything about the plot of this new series, if and how it will affect the canon of Digimon Adventure (that includes both Season 1 and 2) or what the possible implications may be for Taiora. I do know that ideally, at the very least, I would like this new series to completely retcon that ridiculous Zero Two epilogue because even non-Taiora fans can acknowledge that almost nothing about that made sense.

There will likely be more posts with more information about this new series and analysis of any potential affect it could have on Taiora.

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The Problem With Taiora “Friendship”

Hello again Taiora shippers.  We here at The Taiora Movement have some big news coming your way in the not too distant future, so stay tuned.  It’s important.

However at this moment, I want to discuss the potential real world problems that a Taiora “Friendship” could include.

Recently in the profile of a relatively new Sorato author on, I saw the typical rhetoric made by the… more polite of Sorato fans.  They see Tai and Sora as good/best/close friends.  While I applaud them for at least recognizing that in their ‘oh-so-perfect’ Sorato world, there is dark side to this view.


Life is unfair right?  It is what it is, and in this case Tai is getting the message loud and clear.  We Taiora supporters see Tai and Sora as best friends turned lovers (at least we could have sworn that was what was going on), while Sorato supports (the nice ones) recognize the friendship and are content to see it stay that way.  In other words, Tai has one of his closest relationships severely damaged and undermined but he can’t do anything about it because he wants Sora to be happy and Matt is his best friend.  Sorato shippers are completely cool with that.  If the situation were reversed, Matt wouldn’t have had near as bad a time because he and Sora were never that close before they started dating *looks at Toei with blank expression*.

But wait!  Would Tai’s relationship with Sora be affected?  Yes he could still hang out with both of them sometimes, but surly feelings of jealousy and envy with Matt getting most of the time alone with her would creep up.  Yes, we do maintain that Tai had romantic feelings for Sora, so this would be a thing.  For anyone that doesn’t see what the real problem here is, I’m about to explain it.

A Problem For Sorato?

Caption the following with one word:

‘Girl with new boyfriend attempts to continue, as usual, very old relationship with male best friend (who may have feelings for her and vice versa)’

Yep, you got it!  Taiora.

This is a heated debate in the real world (no not that real world, I mean the actual real one).  Can a person continue to have an opposite-sex best friend while dating or married?  Is this, or can it be: healthy for all parties involved?  Opinions on this in real life vary greatly, but I’m going to take the negative position.  All relationships have their ups and downs, and Matt and Sora’s would be no different.  Who may Sora end up going to cry to during a low point?  Taichi.  She may continuously compare the two males, weighing their positive and negative attributes.  This situation is also a breeding ground for cheating.  That being said I do not believe Sora would do this, I think she’s stronger than that.  However it had to be mentioned.

Of course, none of the above was a problem for Sorato right? …Right?

In the English dub, when Tai and Sora go off together to track the girl infected with the dark spore towards the end of 02, Izzy asks Matt if he’s at all worried about Tai being alone with Sora (red flag just risen on Izzy’s part).  Matt is not.  For his sake I would hope he has nothing to fear.  Continuing on to The Revenge of Diaboromon, in both Japanese and English dubs, Sora calls out Tai’s name before Matt.  Okay, no big thing right?  Then she grabs Tai when the wind picks up. Sora…your boyfriend was right there.  Three inches from you.  One can only speculate what was going on in her mind at the time… and frankly, whatever she was thinking, be it consciously or subconsciously, wasn’t a good thing, no matter how you want to slice that cake.

At this point, I could go into a rant about how wrong that whole thing was for so, SO many reasons, but I’ll refrain from doing so.

I am completely aware that I’m starting to get vague, but I want to leave you to your own thoughts at this point.  You’ll be hearing from me again within a few months at the latest.  Also, if this at all left a sour taste in your mouth, get use to it.  Things are about to get very real.

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Additional Commentary on Aug 21, 2013 Post and More…

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since my last post.  I just thought I’d add a bit of additional debunk to taiorafan21’s latest post.  Specifically article two, section one: They share similarities.

taiorafan21 mentioned the following as evidence cited by Sorato shippers; Both live in a single parent home, both wear jeans, crest compatibility, and the dark cave.  The dark cave was debunked in full and was mentioned again in the comments, but I want to briefly address the others.

Single parent homes.  This is actually one of the few reasonable bits of Sorato evidence.  While it doesn’t guarantee that two people will be attracted to each other whatsoever, it is something that Sora and Matt share and they would be able to relate in this way like no other potential Digidestined couple (In the first two seasons anyway).  However while this is a shared human experience, it is not one they shared together, and they don’t need to find comfort in a person based solely on this common denominator.

Jeans, clothes in general.  Please.  I really don’t want to believe that a Sorato fan would stoop to this level.  I don’t think I’ve personally ever heard this given as evidence, but I’ll debunk it anyway.

So what?  That’s the short debunk to this claim.  They wore jeans and short sleeve shirts.  This is entirely circumstantial at best.  They do own other clothes you know.  For that matter, Tai and Sora both wear things on their heads.  Or T.K. and Sora.  Both wear similarly shaped hats.  Or Mimi and Sora?  What about Yolei and Sora?   Let’s stop while we’re ahead, I’m sure we could match every DD as a potential couple at this rate, based solely on their clothing… or hair style… or opinions on hats…

Compatible Crests.  This has been debated and debunked 100 times over, so I’ll try to be brief.  Yes, their crests are compatible, and surely love can involve friendship.  However, light and hope go together flawlessly as well, and yet it seems T.K. and Kari never became official.  Lastly, Tai and Sora are already friends, but love is not easy.  It takes strength, and courage to see love prosper.  That’s all I can really say.

I have some news.  More like a reminder.  It is unfortunately a few weeks late.  It doesn’t really honor Taiora, but Digital Monsters as a whole.  August 1st was the day the original Digidestined were sucked into the Digital World.  Of course there was a group that went before them… but information regarding them remains… limited.

Anyway, August 1st should be an important day for all of us, for the rest of our lives really.  It should serve as a reminder of our childhood.  Also August 14, 1999 was the day that, in a way, we all entered the Digital World for the first time.  I will try to remember August 1st for next year.

Now I need to go before I feels too much feels.  ^_^

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